Master your body & mind for Jiu Jitsu.  The Open Guard Workshop
to Jun 4

Master your body & mind for Jiu Jitsu. The Open Guard Workshop

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Professor Antonio Lauro Rodrigues is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, a protégé of Rolker and Royler Gracie, and a lifetime student of Open Guard. Teacher YogaDan, principle teacher of The Yoga Den, is a respected and widely published Yoga teacher and teacher to yoga teachers. When these two students come together to learn from each other, you can be sure that the teaching outcomes will be singularly indispensable to your BJJ practice and way of life.

30 years (and three months) in the making, this truly one-of-a-kind workshop will help you to gain:

  • A deeper understanding of your unique skeleton and how that applies to your BJJ practice, specifically your Open Guard

  •  Knowledge of techniques and mechanics behind becoming more grounded, on and off the mat

  • Postures and stretches that will lengthen and open your body in ways that are specific to your Open Guard

  • Tools to train the mind to remain calm under pressure

  • Personal BJJ practice tools for individual training that enhance flexibility and mobility for your Open Guard

  • Practices to keep your body safe from strain and injury

  • An ability to correct imbalances, heal old injuries and recover faster after training

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